Earl Grey Custard Pudding

Earl Grey Custard Pudding

Difficulty Easy

Sauce Ingredients 
- 80g Sugar
- 30ml Water 

Custard Ingredients
- 3 Medium Eggs
- 1 Egg Yolk
- 1tsp Vanilla Extract
- 375ml of milk
- 60ml of Condensed Milk
- 3tsp of Henry Langdon Earl Grey Tea 

To make the caramel sauce, add in sugar and half the amount of water in a saucepan. Bring to a bubbly boil and simmer until it is browned. Pour the rest of the water into the pan and shut off the heat.

Immediately transfer into your pudding cups before it gets hard. In the same pot, warm milk with the earl grey to infuse the flavour. Let it cool before using and pour liquid over a sieve to remove loose leaf tea.

Add in all of the ingredients, eggs, condensed milk, vanilla extract and infused milk into a mixing bowl. Stir well. Then, strain through a strainer to make it smooth. Pour the egg mixture over into the cups.

Cover with plastic wrap or aluminium foil while you preheat your steamer. Steam in medium heat for about 35 minutes. Stop the heat and let them cool in the steamer for 10 minutes before removing. Serve warm or put in the fridge to serve cold.

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