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Henry Langdon

A L'Olivier Lemon Pieces Olive Oil Glass Bottle

A L'Olivier Lemon Pieces Olive Oil Glass Bottle

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A L’Olivier uses many methods of maturation for different oils and vinegars that have been perfected over the centuries since the company’s inception in 1822. While the methods may be a secret on how they create such incredible products, we can reveal the unmatched quality olives are harvested by partner farmers, and cold pressed using a natural process that captures the intense fragrance of lemon pieces from the Cote d’Azur in the South of France. With slightly bitter and delicious fruity flavour notes, this Lemon Oil will transport you to Europe without leaving your own kitchen. All processes used are chemical and heat free to preserve quality and freshness through to the finished product. This oil can be used for a multitude of things, but try using it for lemon chicken, fish, or even a beautiful tajine.

250ml. Made in France.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Lemon Extract, Lemon Essential Oil *(25grams of lemon peel are needed to flavour 1L of olive oil). Store away from light and heat. For ease of use, try the A L’Olivier Metal Spout.

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We are proud of our sustainable packaging; Our jars and tins are 100% reusable or recyclable! We have developed the perfect label for your reusable jar; download here.

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Thoughtfully blended and lovingly hand-packed in Melbourne, the ingredients that go into Henry Langdon are sustainably sourced and fully traceable.

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    Perfect for the endless dinner parties. Store in your pantry and whip out when your guests arrive!

  • Rosemary Sea Salt Focaccia

    Deliousious, crusty focaccia bread with a hint of Henry Langdon Rosemary Salt.

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