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A L'Olivier Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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A L’Olivier has been producing olive oil since 1822 and lends itself to be one of the leading producers of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in France. This Extra Virgin Olive Oil is certified “Protected Designation of Origin”, which identifies a product that is produced according to the know how of the same geographical area it was grown. The olives used are picked just before their maturity and pressed quickly, adding a well-rounded but pleasantly intense flavour. All processes used are chemical and heat free to preserve quality and freshness through to the finished product.

This Extra Virgin Olive Oil can be used on just about anything, but we suggest trying in on some handmade focaccia, and pair with the Henry Langdon Dukkah.

250ml. Made in France.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (100%). Store away from light and heat. For ease of use, try the A L'Olivier Spout.

**Please note this product does NOT ship to United Kingdom, Singapore or United States**